Is spray tanning safe?
The FDA has approved DHA for external use back in 1977. Our Sunless spray tanning product will give you a tanned look, without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet(UV) rays. The Active ingredient (DHA), Dihydroxyacetone, when applied. reats to the skins surface to darken the skin and stimulate a tan. The Tan will last 5-7 days.
How does it work?
Spray tanning is a form of SELF TANNING (or Sunless Tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body, that interacts with your own skin chemistry to turn it into a Tan.
How long will you spray tan last?
Spray Tanning affects only the outer skin layer, so just like a natural sun tan fades as your skin cells are shed. your Home Tan System spray tan will usually last between 5-7 Days.
Can anyone spray tan ?
Yes anyone can spray tan, but remember different skin types will get different results. ex. Light-Med . 02 Olive complex.
Will i get orange or Streaky with a spray tan?
No. but for best results, we recommend you exfolinte your skin prior to your spray tan our spray+solution covers the body evenly. We use advanced chemistry which eliminates orange or streaky problems
What happens if the mist gets info the users eyes?
We recommend to close your eyes and mouth during the 12 second spraying. If spray gets into your eyes just rinse with water. The solution is safe for external use.
How many times does a person need to use HTSHomeTan Solution to achieve the results or color you want.
If your skin is light color we recommend you use our light mist first time . Then if you wish a darker result, then spray again the next. after that spray weekly, if you darker skin use our medium color spray.
Will it make me Feel Sticky as some lotion do?
Your Skin may feel slightly sticky after tan spray session but it will go away after 30-60 minutes.
Does a person need to cover their hair during a tan session?
Our tan Solution, will not affect your hair, but us a precaution we recommend a plastic disposable hair cover be used.
Is the user wet when getting out of the Tan Session
When the machine have finish its Spray then take a few seconds and rub in using dead down to feet or will dry in a couple of minute. Wear dark clothing for the first few hours.
What do i do after the Spray tan Session
Get dressed and go about your day.do not shower for 8 hours. your tan will appear from 3-5 hours. The Following day use our Moisturizer Lotion to help your Tan last longer.
Does Sunless Tan product protect me from the Sun?
No. Our Solution do not contain any sunscreen , Sunscreen should be applied as normal when in the sun . Our HomeTan System Suncreens, will protect you from the Sun harmful rays.
Can i use other Spray Solutions in the HomeTan System Machine ?
Absolutely No. Our HTS HomeTan Solution is specially made by our American Chemists to Flow every through the machine. Any other solution may cause permanent damage to the machine.