In-home personal skin care SPA System and Products HTS ingredients are safe with vitamins and minerals added to support your skin health & appearance.

The HTS System comes complete with mist tower and all the skin product for an amazing $149.99


This is made available by dealing directly with HTS. We are both the manufacturer and distributor of the HTS SKIN CARE Home SPA System.

One Application every week of every spray treatments will give you a beautiful glow all year round.


  • Fill The Unit

    Fill The Unit

    Fill the unit with spray tan solution
  • Power The Unit

    Power The Unit

    Power the unit with batteries or power supply

  • Wear Disposable Gloves and Booties

    Wear Disposable Gloves and Booties

    You will Tan your face and body first. For a better tan we recommend you wear hair cap, disposable gloves and booties

  • Press Start

    Press Start

    The start button has a 2 second delay. After pressing start button prepare yourself for the start of the spray. If the machine does not start on the first press then just repress start button. The spray last 15 seconds let all sides of your body get equal spray time.

  • Spray session during and after

    Spray session during and after

    Rub in the solution in a circular motion, start with the face and work downward towards your ankles. After about 1 minute you should dry. just dab off any wet spots.

  • Nails


    For nail protection, apply barrier moisturizer to the tops of your nails both hands and feet

  • Hands


    For Nail protection, apply barrier moisturizer to the tops of your nails, both hand and feet.


After each Tan Session you must clean the Machine. Simply fill the unit with water. Press Start and flush the machine with water. Repeat until all the water has emptied from the machine. Then wipe with dry towel, wipe the machine down until dry. Now its ready for storage.